Field of Arts


The society has been focusing on the dance field since its inception. Filipinos love to celebrate fiestas and social gatherings which usually involves traditional dancing which they are proud of.

The performers have been trained to project like the character that they are assigned and this helps the audience to feel as though they are experiencing Filipino tradition.


In 2005, PhilCAS decided to branch out into a new form of entertainment, in the form of music.

The performers have used their musical talents by performing both Filipino and Western Christmas carols to others through an ensemble of instruments, made of Bamboo from the Philippines.
PhilCAS has also started to use their vocals to celebrate the season of Christmas and in the future, they will include Filipino folk songs to their list.


PhilCAS does not only perform on stages but on the court as well. They have bridged out into the sports field and have been doing great.

Their main sport is basketball and the society has successfully held two basketball tournaments and it isn’t stopping anytime soon.

PhilCAS is planning on trying different sports as well or even making a girls basketball team in the future.