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International and Canadian Exchange Contact

Booking Information

Please note that performance requests must be made at least 4 weeks prior to the date of the event to be considered.

Stage Requirements for Non-Theatrical (Standard) Show
* Minimum stage dimension 20×20 or 10×15 for dance floor
* CD player (for recorded music)
* Sound System, Mics and Mic Stands (for live music) (negotiable)
* Proper entrance area from dressing room

Dressing Room Requirements
* Location should be near the stage or dance floor if possible
* Room large enough for at least 12 dancers
* Mirrors, 12 chairs, 2 tables (negotiable)
* Room to set up clothes racks (negotiable)
* Pitchers of water w/ glasses
* Snacks or food (negotiable)

Fee Requirements
Fees are on a per quote basis and are based on the following:
* Length of performance or type of performance (e.g. wedding, festival)
* Number of dancers required (e.g. muslim dances needs live music which requires about 3-4 musicians)
* Type of event (e.g. theatrical, public, charity, private, etc.)
* Live music (igorot and muslim dances) or recorded music (Ma. Clara & Rural dances)
* Mileage from homebase Richmond.

Please note that performances can only be booked in 15 minute increments (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour, etc.). We will consider other performances not in these increments. Please inquire!



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