Chotis- Learn to dance series

PhilCAS presents Chotis as part of our Learn to Dance Series.

Chotis (or “Shotis”) was one of the ballroom dances introduced by early European settlers. This dance, from Camarines Sur, has been adapted by the Bicolano people and is characterized by a brush-step-hop movement.

Tinolabong- Learn to dance series

Tinolabong is a dance of the mountain people of Panilan and Loctugan, Capiz.This dance is named after a bird called tolabong a specie of heron. These birds are commonly seen riding serenely on the backs of carabao (water buffalo). The carabaos like these birds because they peck at the insects that annoy the host. This dance imitates the movements of the tolabong. Tinolabong is one of the many dances the PhilCAS kids perform.

Sublian – Learn to dance series

PhilCAS presents Sublian as part of our Learn to Dance Series.
Subli is a form of religious ceremony which originated in the barrio of Alitagtag in Bauan where the Holy Cross, the patron saint of Bauan, was found. Formerly, it was danced only in that barrio, and at the front of the Holy Cross, but it is now danced everywhere. It was said that the first dance of its kind was performed by the women. This version we are teaching is only danced by the women.


Interview with Omni Filipino

Our Chair, Romina Ambrosio, talks about our current projects and the effects of Covid on our society with Theresa Barrera from Omni Filipino